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Author: Huesken, Mary Ellen
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1. Huesken, Mary Ellen
Maximizing Mentoring Takes Time And Training
Plain Dealer, November 28, 1993, Business; Pg. 2E
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Plain Dealer Publishing Co.
Keyword(s): Family Studies; Wives; Wives, Income; Wives, Work; Women's Roles

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This article reports on Elizabeth Menaghan's study of working wives. Using NLSY79 data, she finds that a wife's job "can help compensate for a husband's occupational difficulties," however it also "can increase conflict when her husband is heavily involved and relatively successful at his job. In this case, a husband may view his wife's job as less necessary and prefer that she stay at home."
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Huesken, Mary Ellen. "Maximizing Mentoring Takes Time And Training." Plain Dealer, November 28, 1993, Business; Pg. 2E.