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Author: Lassi, Nicholas
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1. Lassi, Nicholas
Remote Learning and Parent Depression During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Educational Research Quarterly 46,2 (December 2022): .
Cohort(s): NLSY97
Publisher: Behavioral Research Press
Keyword(s): Children; COVID-19; Depression (see also CESD); Fathers; Mothers; Schooling

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This study examined the link between remote learning for children and parent depression during the COVID-19 pandemic. There was an intense shift in how education was delivered during the COVID-19 outbreak, increasing educational obligations for parents. In this study, two education delivery methods, "any remote learning for the household children" and "any in-person classes, at school, for the household children," were examined by six measures of parent depression. The NLSY97 COVID-19 Supplement, collected in the first half of 2021, provided the 1,742-person sample. Remote learning for children was closely linked to parents experiencing increased depression, sadness, lack of focus, feeling that everything is an effort, not able to get "going," and restless sleep. In-person classes, in school, and during the same time, were not linked to higher levels of these parental mental health issues. All tests controlled for general health, whether respondents had been told they had coronavirus, frequency of close contact at work, etc. These results strongly indicate that remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic is closely linked to increased parent depression.
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Lassi, Nicholas. "Remote Learning and Parent Depression During the COVID-19 Pandemic." Educational Research Quarterly 46,2 (December 2022): .