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Author: Levitan, Sar A.
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1. Levitan, Sar A.
Mangum, Garth L.
Mangum, Stephen L.
Economics of Rectitude: Necessary But Not Sufficient
Occasional Paper 1992-3, Center for Social Policy Studies, The George Washington University, 1992.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Center for Social Policy Studies, George Washington University
Keyword(s): Self-Esteem; Sociability/Socialization/Social Interaction; Support Networks

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Social Responsibility and Personal Rectitude. Personal rectitude is necessary but not sufficient for social and labor market success. Individuals and society must act to instill self-confidence in one's ability to succeed in the society and the economy. Society's obligation is to: 1. Strengthen families through case-managed integrated services, including involvement of the unwed fathers where relevant. 2. Provide education and training opportunities which will build self-confidence in the probabilities of social and economic success through acceptable conduct. 3. Assure access to earnings opportunities adequate to self-sufficiency, including appropriate subsidization for those of reduced capacity. All that is easier said than done. Although the costs will be high, the proposed initiatives are doable within the limits of current knowledge and available resources. The May 1992 Los Angeles riots add urgency, if emphasis is necessary, to expand opportunities in inner cities and remove obstacles that prevent achievement of self-sufficiency. This end cannot be achieved without vigorous and prompt government and private action. When the necessary help becomes available, an individual's rectitude should be the only attainable route to assistance.
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Levitan, Sar A., Garth L. Mangum and Stephen L. Mangum. "Economics of Rectitude: Necessary But Not Sufficient." Occasional Paper 1992-3, Center for Social Policy Studies, The George Washington University, 1992.