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Author: Madden, Janice Fanning
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1. Madden, Janice Fanning
Economic Rationale for Sex Differences in Education
Southern Economic Journal 44,4 (April 1978): 778-797.
Cohort(s): Young Men, Young Women
Publisher: Southern Economic Association
Keyword(s): College Graduates; Discrimination, Sex; Duncan Index; Earnings; Educational Attainment; Educational Returns; High School Completion/Graduates; Military Service

The author investigates sex differences in educational attainment, occupational status and wages, and analyzes whether these factors constitute an economic rationale for the observed differences in education. The results support the argument that sex differences in labor market experiences explain sex differences in educational attainment. The most striking difference in education is the greater proportion of women who receive exactly a high school education. The most outstanding sex difference in returns to education is the comparatively greater return to women from high school graduation. It seems plausible that while women who are disadvantaged because they are either competing for manual jobs which employ male high school dropouts, or for jobs that entail training which employ college educated men, they have an advantage when competing with men for clerical job opportunities. This study suggests that education differences between men and women may be the result of differences in job opportunities.
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Madden, Janice Fanning. "Economic Rationale for Sex Differences in Education." Southern Economic Journal 44,4 (April 1978): 778-797.