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Author: Nathan, J. S.
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1. Allison, David B.
Faith, Myles S.
Nathan, J. S.
Risch's Lambda Values for Human Obesity
International Journal of Obesity 20,11 (November 1996): 990-999.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
Keyword(s): Genetics; Obesity; Pairs (also see Siblings); Sample Selection

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OBJECTIVE: Risch's lambda statistic (lambda-R)is related to the heritability of traits and can be useful in several contexts, including the conduct of power analyses to determine sample size for gene mapping studies. However, values of lambda-R have not been presented for human obesity. DESIGN AND RESULTS: Using both analytic and empirical approaches, the present study calculates estimates of lambda-R. Examples are provided to illustrate the use of these estimates for determining sample size for genetic mapping studies.
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Allison, David B., Myles S. Faith and J. S. Nathan. "Risch's Lambda Values for Human Obesity." International Journal of Obesity 20,11 (November 1996): 990-999.