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Author: Peterson, Wanda B.
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1. Manser, Marilyn E.
Pergamit, Michael R.
Peterson, Wanda B.
National Longitudinal Surveys: Development and Uses
Monthly Labor Review 113,7 (July 1990): 32-37.
Cohort(s): NLS General
Publisher: U.S. Department of Labor
Keyword(s): Labor Market Surveys; Longitudinal Data Sets; Longitudinal Surveys; Mobility; NLS Description; Transition, School to Work; Well-Being

This paper summarizes NLS data used by economists, sociologists, and other researchers to examine such policy issues as employment and earnings; educational experience, achievement, and the transition from school to work; training programs; geographic mobility; relationships between the workplace and the well-being of the family; attitudes toward the military; and the retirement behavior of older workers. [ERIC EJ-412643]
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Manser, Marilyn E., Michael R. Pergamit and Wanda B. Peterson. "National Longitudinal Surveys: Development and Uses." Monthly Labor Review 113,7 (July 1990): 32-37.