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Author: Puleo, Nancy F.
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1. Campbell, Paul B.
Puleo, Nancy F.
What Happens to High School Students?
Vocational Education Journal 61,7 (October 1986): 21-22
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: American Vocational Association
Keyword(s): Education; High School Completion/Graduates; High School Dropouts; School Completion; Vocational Education; Vocational Training

Research in action: a statistical summary follow up for vocational students of the study done on what happens to 100 students as they move through their required years of public schooling and into the workplace or additional education. Data is from the National Longitudinal Survey of Labor Market Experience--Youth Cohort.
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Campbell, Paul B. and Nancy F. Puleo. "What Happens to High School Students?" Vocational Education Journal 61,7 (October 1986): 21-22.