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Author: Rivera, Ray
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1. Rivera, Ray
Kids' $50 Allowance Has Experts Divided Over Division
Seattle Times, June 4, 2000, Local News; Pg. B1
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: The Seattle Times Company
Keyword(s): Adolescent Behavior; Allowance, Pocket Money; Employment, Youth; Family Resources; Family Studies; Transfers, Parental; Wages, Youth

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This article discusses the controversy over Jay Zagorsky's study of NLSY79 data that found that teen "parental transfers" (reported as "allowances" in the media) amounted to $50 a week. Other researchers using NLSY data found dissimilar results. The discrepancy occurred because of different methods in interpreting two questions of the NLSY survey: (1) "In total, how much allowance did you receive during 1997?" and (2) "Did you receive this amount weekly, monthly, or some other way?" Zagorsky's analysis assumes that the answers to the two questions are connected, while Sabrina Pabilona's study, which found for a $8.24/week allowance, interpreted the two questions as unconnected.
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Rivera, Ray. "Kids' $50 Allowance Has Experts Divided Over Division." Seattle Times, June 4, 2000, Local News; Pg. B1.