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Author: Siegel-Itzkovich, Judy
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1. Siegel-Itzkovich, Judy
US Study: Jews Richer Because of Religion
Jerusalem Post, Daily Edition, Sep. 21, 2003: pg. 3
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: The Palestine Post Ltd.
Keyword(s): Religion; Religious Influences; Wealth

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Religious teachings of different faiths may influence spending and saving strategies in a variety of ways, according to [Lisa Keister]. For example, conservative Protestants often emphasize prayer and trust in God, which may reduce their desire to invest. Conservative Protestants also look forward to the rewards of the afterlife and don't promote acquiring wealth as a good for this life. Jews, on the other hand ...

For the study itself, see, citation number 4656 "Religion and Wealth: The Role of Religious Affiliation and Participation in Early Adult Asset Accumulation" by Lisa Keister in this bibliography.

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Siegel-Itzkovich, Judy. "US Study: Jews Richer Because of Religion." Jerusalem Post, Daily Edition, Sep. 21, 2003: pg. 3.