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Author: Sorohan, Erica Gordon
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1. Sorohan, Erica Gordon
Training Young People
Training and Development 48,1 (January 1994): 12-13
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: American Society for Training and Development
Keyword(s): Apprenticeships; Hispanics; Racial Differences; Training

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According to the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, some 38% of the young adults received some form of training between 1986 and 1991; 24% of respondents received company training, the largest percentage of all sources of training. More young men than young women received company-sponsored training. A higher percentage of whites received company-sponsored training than of blacks or Hispanics.
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Sorohan, Erica Gordon. "Training Young People." Training and Development 48,1 (January 1994): 12-13.