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Title: Child Care and Women's Return to Work After Childbirth
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1. Klerman, Jacob Alex
Leibowitz, Arleen A.
Child Care and Women's Return to Work After Childbirth
American Economic Review 80,2 (May 1990): 284-288.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: American Economic Association
Keyword(s): Child Care; Childbearing; First Birth; Labor Supply; Maternal Employment; Re-employment; Women

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This paper focuses on the labor supply of women immediately following their first birth and explores the extent to which child care subsidies have promoted the recent growth in labor supply of women with young children. Using data from the NLSY, the authors estimate multinomial logit models of the determinants of returning to work by three and 24 months and the mode of child care utilized. Calculations of regional differences in child care costs are made. Results of the study indicate that: (1) the women studied returned to work rapidly after their first birth with one-third returning to work in the first three months following birth; (2) non-relative care accounted for one-third of the child care arrangements regardless of when the mother returned to work while child care centers and other non-home arrangements accounted for another 8-11% of the child care; (3) although the presence of a grandmother in the home increased the probability of a woman returning to work during the first three months, the presence of relatives did not appear to affect returns to work after three months; (4) the maximum value of the child care credit was found to be positively related to returns to work within three months of delivery while the marginal tax care credit had a negative effect on returning to work with market care but did not affect working with relative care; (5) neither child care tax variable significantly affected returns to work after the first three months; and (6) women with higher wages and more education return to work sooner.
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Klerman, Jacob Alex and Arleen A. Leibowitz. "Child Care and Women's Return to Work After Childbirth." American Economic Review 80,2 (May 1990): 284-288.