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Title: Entry into Marriage and Parenthood by Young Adults
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1. Michael, Robert T.
Tuma, Nancy Brandon
Entry into Marriage and Parenthood by Young Adults
Demography 22,4 (November 1985): 515-544.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Population Association of America
Keyword(s): Adolescent Fertility; Family Background and Culture; Fertility; First Birth; Hispanics; Marital Status

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This paper investigates the marital and fertility patterns of young men and women (age 14-21) using the first year data from the NLSY. The paper's substantive focuses are the influences of family background on early (teenage) entry into marriage and parenthood and the extent to which measured family characteristics can explain the large differences among whites, Hispanics and blacks. The paper's methodological focus is the comparison of results when a data set is analyzed as either a conventional cross-section file using a linear probability (OLS regression) or logistic (maximum likelihood) model or as a continuous time, event-history file using a partial likelihood model.
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Michael, Robert T. and Nancy Brandon Tuma. "Entry into Marriage and Parenthood by Young Adults." Demography 22,4 (November 1985): 515-544.