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Title: the career patterns of mature american women
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1. Chenoweth, Lillian Cochran
Maret, Elizabeth G.
The Career Patterns of Mature American Women
Sociology of Work and Occupations 7,2 (May 1980): 222-251.
Cohort(s): Mature Women
Publisher: Sage Publications
Keyword(s): Career Patterns; Earnings; Educational Attainment; Employment, Intermittent; Family Influences; Family Resources; Housework/Housewives; Husbands, Influence

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This study identifies three major life-career patterns of mature American women: home, labor force, and mixed careers. High commitment to traditional familial roles and values, high familial resources, and low human capital tend to reflect women with home careers. In comparison, low commitment to traditional roles and values, low familial resources, and high human capital represent women in the labor force. In addition, the results suggest that mature women are likely to have experienced considerable involvement in the labor force regardless of their familial investments, familial resources, or human capital investments.
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Chenoweth, Lillian Cochran and Elizabeth G. Maret. "The Career Patterns of Mature American Women." Sociology of Work and Occupations 7,2 (May 1980): 222-251.