NLS Youth '97 Cohort

National Longitudinal Survey of Youth - 1997 Cohort
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Men and women born in the years 1980-84
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NLS Youth 1997
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National Longitudinal Survey of Youth | 1997
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Employers & Jobs

Created Variables

YEMP_UID.01, 02, etc.  Unique employer ID for Employer 1, 2, etc.

I. Employment, Unemployment, and Job Search (age restrictions as of interview date)

A. Current Population Survey (CPS): Week before survey

Variable R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 R16 R17 R18
Labor force and employment status Y≥15     ≥15

Dating/Sex, Marriage/Cohabitation & Fertility/Children: An Introduction

The NLSY97 survey provides data on respondents' experiences with dating and sexual activity, marriage or marriage-like relationships, pregnancy, and children. Table 1 summarizes the topics available and any global universe restrictions affecting those topics. 


Created Variables

CV_HRLY_PAY.xx. Offers hourly wages and is the more traditional measure, with overtime and performance pay excluded. Records the respondent's wage as of date of interview or as of the job's stop date for each job lasting 13 weeks or more. The compensation as of the job's start date is provided for shorter jobs. The suffix refers to job number (.01=Job one, .02=Job two, etc.)

Employment: An Introduction

NLSY97 respondents answer questions about current and previously held jobs; there is no limit to the number or types of jobs a respondent may report. These data are collected about every employer for whom the respondent worked since the last interview so that a complete picture of the respondent's employment can be constructed. Unlike earlier NLS surveys, the employment sections distinguish between four types of jobs: employee-type jobs, freelance jobs, self-employment, and military service.

National Longitudinal Survey of Youth | 1997

The NLSY97 Cohort is a longitudinal project that follows the lives of a sample of American youth born between 1980-84; 8,984 respondents were ages 12-17 when first interviewed in 1997. This ongoing cohort has been surveyed 18 times to date and is now interviewed biennially. Data are now available from Round 1 (1997-98) to Round 18 (2017-18).


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