Appendix A: HOME-SF Scales (NLSY79 Child)

Appendix A: HOME-SF Scales (NLSY79 Child)

Appendix A-2a. The NLSY79 HOME scales and item recodes: Children under age 3 years


E = Emotional Support; C = Cognitive Stimulation 

Q Name 2002-2004 Q Name 2006-20141    Scale Question Text Recode
1 0
HOME-A01 MS-HOME-A01 C How often does child have a chance to get out of the house? 6,7 1-5
HOME-A02 MS-HOME-A02 C About how many children's books does child have? 3,4 1,2
HOME-A03 MS-HOME-A03 C How often do you get a chance to read to child? 5,6 1-4
HOME-A04 MS-HOME-A04 C How often do you take child to the grocery store? 1 2-4
HOME-A05 MS-HOME-A05 C About how many, if any, cuddly, soft, or role-playing toys does child have? >=1 0
HOME-A06 MS-HOME-A06 C About how many, if any, push or pull toys does child have? >=1 0
HOME-A07 MS-HOME-A07 C Some parents spend time teaching their children new skill while other parents believe children learn best on their own. Which most closely describes your attitude? 1,2 3,4
HOME-A08 MS-HOME-A08 - How much time does child spend time watching TV on a typical weekday? - -
HOME-A09 MS-HOME-A09 - How much time does child spend time watching TV on a typical weekend day? - -
HOME-A10B MS-HOME-A10B - About how many hours is the TV on in your home each day? - -
HOME-A11 MS-HOME-A11 - Does child ever see his/her father, or someone you consider a father-figure? - -
HOME-A12 MS-HOME-A12 - Is this person his/her biological father, stepfather, or father-figure? - -
HOME-A13 MS-HOME-A13 - What is his relationship to you? - -
HOME-A14 MS-HOME-A14 * Does child see his/her father/step/father-figure on a daily basis? 1 0,2
HOME-A15 MS-HOME-A15 E How often does child eat a meal with both you and his/her father/step/father-figure? 1,2 3-7
HOME-A16 MS-HOME-A16 E How often do you talk to child while you are working? 1,2 3-5
HOME-A17A MS-HOME-A17A - How close does child feel toward you? - -
HOME-A17B MS-HOME-A17B - How close does child feel toward his/her (biological) father? - -
HOME-A17D MS-HOME-A17D - How close does s/he feel toward his/her father/step/father-figure? - -
HOME-A18 MS-HOME-A18 E About how many times, if any, have you had to spank child in the past week? 0,1 >=2
CSOB-1A CSOB-1A * Interviewer: Did you observe child and his/her mother together at any time? 1 0
CSOB-2A CSOB-2A E Interviewer: Mother spontaneously spoke to child twice or more (excluding scolding)? 1 0
CSOB-3A CSOB-3A E Interviewer: Mother responded verbally to child's speech? 1 0
CSOB-4A CSOB-4A E Interviewer: Mother caressed, kissed, or hugged child at least once? 1 0
CSOB-5A CSOB-5A E Interviewer: Mother slapped or spanked child at least once? 0 1
CSOB-6A CSOB-6A E Interviewer: Mother interfered w/ child's actions or restricted child from exploring >= 3 times? 0 1
CSOB-7A CSOB-7A C Interviewer: Mother provided toys or interesting activities for child? 1 0
CSOB-8A CSOB-8A E Interviewer: Mother kept child in view/ could see child/ looked at him/her often? 1 0
CSOB-9A CSOB-9A C Interviewer: Child's play environment is safe? 1 0

1Starting in 2006, only children ages 4 and older are given the interviewer-administered assessments. Therefore, from 2006 on, raw HOME scores for children under age 4 exclude the interviewer observation items (CSOB-1A to CSOB-9A).

*Item not part of scale--used in scoring other item(s)

** If any harsh response in this series, then item score=0

Note: All HOME interviewer observation items (CSOB) are NOT read to the mother but completed by the interviewer at the conclusion of the Child Supplement.