Hours Spent at Work

Hours Spent at Work

Young Adult respondents provide the number of hours they usually work for each job reported, as well as the number of hours their spouse/partner usually worked per week at all jobs in the past 12 months.

Shift and Times Worked 

From 1994 to 1998, the Young Adult survey included questions about the usual start and stop times, as well as the type of shift, for all of the respondent's jobs plus their spouse/partner's main job during the last year. These questions were eliminated in 2000 and 2002. Since 2004, type of shift has been asked about all of the respondent's jobs and their spouse/partner's main job in the last year.

Comparison to Other NLS Cohorts: The NLSY79 survey has collected extensive data on hours and shifts worked. Since 1988, NLSY79 surveys have differentiated the number of hours worked at home from the hours worked at the place of employment. Until 1993, information on shift and clock hours worked was collected only for the main job in the CPS section. From 1994 on, this information is gathered in the Employer Supplements for all jobs.

NLSY97 respondents age 14 and over with employee jobs and all respondents with freelance jobs provide information about the number of hours worked each week. The Mature and Young Women regularly reported the number of hours usually worked per day and per week; they reported exact times shifts begin and end starting in 1995. Older and Young Men reported the usual number of hours per week only.

Survey Instruments Employment-related questions are found in the Young Adult Instrument, Section 7, Jobs & Employers Supplements. Some are also found in Section 9, Last Job Lasting Two Weeks or More, and Section 10, First Significant Job after Leaving School.  Questions concerning spouse/partner's employment can be found in Section 3, Dating and Relationship History.
Areas of Interest Employment-related variables are found in YA Job Information, YA Jobs, YA First Job After High School, YA Last Job, YA Last Significant Job. Note: For the 1994 through 1998 surveys, data from Section 7 are found in YA Jobs, while data from the Employer Supplements are found in the YA Job Information.  For the 2000 through the current survey year, all data from the integrated looped section are found in YA Job Information, allowing users to follow the question flow from the CAPI questionnaire. For variables related to spouse/partner hours at work, see YA Dating and Marriage.