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Author: Hays, Jake
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1. Hays, Jake
Multiple-Partner Fertility and Depression in Young Adulthood
Presented: Denver CO, Population Association of America Annual Meeting, April 2018
Cohort(s): NLSY97
Publisher: Population Association of America
Keyword(s): Depression (see also CESD); Family Structure; Fertility, Multiple Partners

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Multiple-partner fertility (MPF), or having children by more than one partner, is increasingly prevalent, yet we know little about the relationship between MPF and parental depression. I use five waves of data from the NLSY97 and between-within (hybrid) models to estimate associations between MPF and depressive symptoms among young adult parents. Between- and within-individual differences in depressive symptoms for MPF mothers and fathers, compared to mothers and fathers with children by one partner, are fully attenuated by current family structure and number of union transitions. Additionally, I compare parents who transition into MPF to parents who experience a second or higher parity birth and have one total fertility partner. These results indicate that number of union transitions accounts for higher levels of depressive symptoms among parents transitioning into MPF. Findings suggest that MPF is not consequential for mental health; rather, other family-level factors jointly predict MPF and increased depressive symptoms.
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Hays, Jake. "Multiple-Partner Fertility and Depression in Young Adulthood." Presented: Denver CO, Population Association of America Annual Meeting, April 2018.