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Author: Hossain, Monir
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1. Thomeer, Mieke Beth
Ross, Clifford
Reczek, Rin
Hossain, Monir
Women's Childbearing Histories and Their Alcohol Use at Midlife
Journal of Woman and Aging published online (09 October 2023).
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Haworth Press, Inc.
Keyword(s): Alcohol Use; Births, Repeat / Spacing; Childbearing; Latent Class Analysis; Women; Women at Mid-Life

There has been increased alcohol use among mid-life women in recent decades. Given the association between alcohol use and childbearing earlier in life and the centrality of childbearing for other aspects of mid-life women's health, we examined how multiple components of childbearing histories were associated with mid-life alcohol use. Our analysis included 3,826 women from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979 (NLSY79). We estimated how nine components of childbearing were associated with women's alcohol use at age 50. We investigated these components independently and also created six childbearing profiles using Mixed-Mode Latent Class Analysis (MM-LCA). The most alcohol was consumed by women without any childbirths, with older ages at first birth, with low parity, and with the same or fewer births than expected. Women with older ages at first and last birth and more childbirths were less likely to abstain from alcohol compared to women with younger ages at first and last birth and fewer childbirths. Our MM-LCA demonstrated that women with multiple childbirths over a long period of time consumed the least alcohol compared to other groups. Binge drinking at mid-life was generally not associated with childbearing histories in our models. In summary, childbearing histories mattered for women's drinking behaviors at mid-life. Given that an increasing number of women do not have children, the age at first birth continues to trend older, and parity is decreasing, we may expect mid-life women's alcohol use to continue to increase in line with these observed fertility trends.
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Thomeer, Mieke Beth, Clifford Ross, Rin Reczek and Monir Hossain. "Women's Childbearing Histories and Their Alcohol Use at Midlife." Journal of Woman and Aging published online (09 October 2023).