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Author: Leigh, Geoffrey K.
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1. Bahr, Stephen J.
Leigh, Geoffrey K.
Family Size, Intelligence, and Expected Education
Journal of Marriage and Family 40,2 (May 1978): 331-335.
Cohort(s): Young Men, Young Women
Publisher: National Council on Family Relations
Keyword(s): Duncan Index; Educational Aspirations/Expectations; Family Income; Family Size; Intelligence; Parental Influences

In this paper the relationships between family size, intelligence, and expected education were examined. After other relevant variables were controlled, family size had a negligible association with intelligence and expected education. Existing research which shows that children from large families are less intelligent than children from small families may have resulted from inadequate controls for other relevant variables. The strongest and most consistent predictor of intelligence was educational encouragement, while the best predictors of expected education were educational encouragement and intelligence.
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Bahr, Stephen J. and Geoffrey K. Leigh. "Family Size, Intelligence, and Expected Education." Journal of Marriage and Family 40,2 (May 1978): 331-335.