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Author: Williams, C. Glyn
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1. Hunt, Janet C.
Kiker, B. F.
Williams, C. Glyn
The Effect of Type of Union on Member-Nonmember Wage Differentials
Journal of Labor Research 8,1 (March 1987): 59-65.
Cohort(s): Young Men
Publisher: John M. Olin Institute at George Mason University
Keyword(s): Collective Bargaining; Local Area Unemployment; Unions; Wage Differentials

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It has been shown that the union-nonunion wage differential can be decomposed into bargaining and membership effects. A study was conducted to discuss the membership effect and to examine the role of type of union as a factor in wage determination. An empirical model was proposed and data obtained from a sample of 1,065 workers between the ages of 18 and 27 in the 1971 cross-section of the Young Men cohort of the National Longitudinal Survey. Results tended to reaffirm the existence of a membership effect of unions that is separate from a bargaining effect. It also was found that the ability to confer a wage advantage to union members relative to nonmembers depended on the type of bargaining unit. The compensatory aspect of higher wages for unstable work was dominant, particularly among craft workers. The effect of local unemployment rate on wage was ambiguous and generally insignificant.
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Hunt, Janet C., B. F. Kiker and C. Glyn Williams. "The Effect of Type of Union on Member-Nonmember Wage Differentials." Journal of Labor Research 8,1 (March 1987): 59-65.