NLSY79 Children

NLS Youth '79 Child & Young Adult Cohort

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Biological children of women in the NLSY79
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NLSY79 Child and Young Adult
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National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979 Child and Young Adult
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NLSY79 Child/YA

Selected Variables by Survey Year: NLSY79 Children (Birth through Age 14)


A. Child background

Variable 86 88 90 92 94 96 98 00 02 04 06 08 10 12 14 16 18
Child's date of birth * * * * * * * * * *

Appendix F: Sample SAS Program for Merging NLSY79 Child/YA & Mother Files


Appendix E. Sample SPSSx Program for Merging NLSY79 Child/YA & Mother Files


Appendix D, Part 1: Composition of the BPI subscales

NLSY79 Child Behavior Problems Index: Composition of the BPI subscales

BPI Item Description Scale* Subscale 1986-1998 2000


Appendix C: Motor & Social Development (NLSY79 Child)

More information about the Motor & Social Development assessment is provided in the Topical Guide.

Appendix B: Composition of the Temperament Scales (NLSY79 Child)

The information for the composition of the Temperament scales is divided into two tables to allow for the different pattern of the Sociability subscale composition. More information about the Temperament assessment can be found in the Topical Guide.

Selected Variables by Survey Year: NLSY79 Young Adults (Age 15 and older)

Appendix A: HOME-SF Scales (NLSY79 Child)

The HOME-SF is divided into four parts: one for children under age three; a second for children between the ages of three and five; a third for children ages six through nine; and starting with the 1988 survey round, a fourth version for children ten and over.  The number of individual items varies according to the age of the child. Prior to constructing an overall score and the two subscores for the HOME-SF, all of the individual items are translated into dichotomous zero-one variables and then appropriately summed.

PIAT Reading (Reading Recognition/Reading Comprehension)


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