Choose Tagsets Tab

Required variables will be automatically selected for you and cannot be unselected. Recommended variables will generally be automatically selected for you, but you can remove them from your tagset if desired.

Save Tagset screenshot

  1. To open tagsets on the server (an account feature):
    • If you have logged into Investigator and saved a tagset on the server for this cohort, under "Saved Tagsets (on server)" area, a list of your saved tagsets can be found.
    • Check on the box to the left of the tagset's description to add the list of the variables to the Review Selected Variables tab.
    • Click on the red X to the right of the tagset's description to delete the tagset from the server. A confirmation will be presented.
  2. To open tagsets on your PC:
    • Under Upload Tagset (from PC) area, simply click the "Choose File" button to locate a file to upload. Find the saved tagset on your computer. The tagset should have a file name such as "default.NLSY97."
    • Click the "Open" button in the browser's file explorer popup window, then click the "Upload" button to upload the tagset to our server. The variables from the tagset will now be listed in the Review Selected Variables tab.


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