Review Selected Variables Tab

Click the tab "Review Selected Variables" to show the list of selected variables in your tagset. In the sample NLSY97 tagset below, we have seven variables. Seven are automatically pre-selected by Investigator (ID, round version, and demographic variables are R00001.00, R05363.00, R05364.01, R05364.02, R12358.00, R14826.00, and T8122500) and the eighth one is an additional education variable (S7683200).

Review Variables screenshot

Many of the features available for the Review Selected Variables tab are the same as those in the Variable Search tab.

  • By default, the tab displays the list of tagged variables with RNUM, question name, variable title, and survey year.
  • Through the option menu, you can decide what variable characteristics should be displayed in the list, view data for a specific respondent, and shift among different respondents' data (as described under Customize Your Search).
  • You can access a variable's codebook information via either the Codebook Preview or the Codebook tab.

To remove a variable from the list, simply uncheck the box next to the variable’s RNUM. Then click the "Refresh List" button, circled in the screen above, to view the updated tagset.

NOTE: Investigator limits extracts to a maximum of 15,000 variables. If you need more than 15,000 variables you'll need to break your tagset into smaller tagsets.


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