Investigator Navigation

This section describes how to use the various links and tabs to navigate within the Investigator.

Investigator Navigation screenshot

  1. Select a Study. You can change to a different NLS cohort at any time. However, any unsaved information will be lost.
  2. Additional Resources.
    • For additional cohort-specific documentation, click on the "Other Documentation" link to go to the cohort's section of The "Errata" link will take you directly to a list of known data errors for the cohort of interest.
    • Custom Weights program creates appropriate data weights for users using multiple waves of a survey.
  3. Start a New Search. Start a search from scratch within the same NLS cohort. Note that any unsaved selected variables will be lost.
  4. Choose Tagsets. This tab allows you to open saved tagsets or save a new tagset.
  5. Variable Search. Search the data set using various search criteria.
  6. Review Selected Variables. Review the variables you have selected in the current session.
  7. Codebook. Select this tab to see detailed information on each variable and study the flow of the instrument.
  8. Save / Download. Save and/or extract your variable sets.

Use the tabs as you investigate the variables. We recommend not to use the browser's back button.


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