Family Background

Parents, Family Process & Childhood: An Introduction

Parent information and other childhood background factors were gathered in the select survey rounds of the NLSY97, especially in the early rounds. Parent information comes from both youth reports and parent interviews (conducted in the first round of the survey).

Table 1. Parents, Family Process & Childhood Variables
Topics and Universe Restrictions

NLSY97 User's Guide Topic Round 1 Universe
(Age as of 12/31/96)
Rounds 2 and up Universe
(Age as of 12/31/96)
Parent Characteristics
      Background all ages; parent interview conducted


      Status all ages; parent interview conducted Household Income Update completed (rounds 2-5)
      History all ages; parent interview conducted Respondents answered questions about parents in select rounds; questions vary.
Autonomy & Parental Control Perceptions of parental rule setting and discipline ages 12 and 13 Ages 12 and 13 for rounds 2-5; no longer asked after round 5.
Characteristics of Non-Residential Relatives Information about close relatives not living with respondent all ages -