NLS Investigator

NLS Investigator

NLSY79 variables (as well as the variables from other other NLS cohorts) are accessed using NLS Investigator, which is available as a Web application. The main application of NLS Investigator is to access NLS variables for the purposes of identifying, selecting, extracting, and/or running frequencies or cross-tabulations. This interface allows the researcher to connect to a database and perform variable extractions without installing any software on a local computer. Through a personal online account, a researcher's selected variable tag sets, frequencies, and extracts are available for a specified period of time from any computer location with Web access. Because there is one central data source for all users, researchers will have the assurance that they are always working with the most up-to-date data, and that any necessary corrections will be immediate and universal.

Need Help With NLS Investigator?

1. Access NLSY79 variables by connecting to NLS Investigator.

2. Get help using NLS Investigator through the NLS Investigator User's Guide.

3. Review the tutorial Variable Search in the NLS Investigator.