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Author: Johnson, Terry R.
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1. McLaughlin, Steven D.
Billy, John O. G.
Johnson, Terry R.
Melber, Barbara D.
Cosmopolitan Report on the Changing Life Course of American Women: Parts I & II
Cosmopolitan Magazine, 1986: pg.
Cohort(s): Mature Women, NLSY79, Young Women
Publisher: Cosmopolitan Magazine
Keyword(s): Attitudes; Behavior; Childbearing; Demography; Fertility; Labor Force Participation; Life Course; Marriage

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The first of these reports discusses the basic demographic trends in education, marriage, childbearing, and labor force participation experienced by American women. While observing that important changes are occurring within each of the areas listed above, the authors note that, with the exception of the unprecedented increase of women in the labor force, most of the trends can be seen within the perspective of a return to historic trends established in the first half of the century. What appears new is the rise of women as 'primary individuals' who will experience a life course characterized by longer periods of independence and self-sufficiency (e.g., extended education, delayed marriage, postponed childbearing, etc.). The second report examines the linkages between attitude and behavior change and concludes that a major attitude transition has been completed and that, as a result, American women are entering a period of demographic and attitudinal stability.
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McLaughlin, Steven D., John O. G. Billy, Terry R. Johnson and Barbara D. Melber. "Cosmopolitan Report on the Changing Life Course of American Women: Parts I & II." Cosmopolitan Magazine, 1986: pg.