Display Search Results

Browse by Index

Search criteria can also be built by using the "Browse Index" or "Browse Index with Search" tabs.

  • The "Browse Index" tab only shows the index browsing option.
  • The "Browse Index with Search" tab shows both the index and the variable search, allowing for both to be used. If an index area is selected, a criterion line of "Selected Index" is automatically added to the criteria builder, as demonstrated below.

Search with Index screenshot

Variable Display Compression

To display results more efficiently, Investigator groups variables in questionnaire loops (for example, we show expanded, one line for "CV_BA_CREDITS" instead of 5 lines for each school). You can either select all of these grouped variables at once or uncompress them and select only specific items. If there are variables that can be grouped, then grouped variables can be compressed or uncompressed using the [+] or [-] options in the first column of the displayed results.

Results Compression screenshot

Paging Results

By default, Investigator lists 500 variables per page. If your search returns more than 500 items, use the arrows at the top right and bottom right of the variable list to page through your results. The default page size of 500 results per page can be changed by selecting one of the page size options located beside the paging arrows.

Results Paging screenshot


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