Business Ownership

Business Ownership

Created Variables

BUSOWN_SOURCEYR. Survey year when business data was collected. Cross-round variable.

BUSOWN-UID-MATCH.01, 02, etc. Unique job ID in Employment History Roster of Business 01, 02, etc. originally. Cross-round variable.

BUSOWN-MATCH-QUALITY.01, 02, etc. Provides quality of the match between Business 01, 02, etc. ownership reported and past employers. Cross-round variable.

BUSOWN-11_TRUNC.01, 02, etc. Money respondent used to establish/acquire Business 01, 02, etc. (amount truncated). Cross-round variable.

BUSOWN-16_TRUNC.01, 02, etc.  Respondent's estimate of sales/revenue of Business 01, 02, etc., generated in a typical year (amount truncated). Cross-round variable.

Note: Users are encouraged to use these XRND (cross-round) variables, as they combine the information gathered in 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016.

Prior to 2010, only limited information was collected on business ownership in the NLSY79. In 2010 (round 24), NLSY79 respondents who were current or former business owners were asked a lengthy series of questions about each business owned since age 18. The business ownership questions were also asked in subsequent survey years for those not interviewed in 2010. 

Respondents who reported having owned a business gave the year each business was established and how ownership was acquired: whether the respondent established the business themselves or with partners, received ownership as a gift, purchased ownership, inherited ownership, or received an ownership stake through marriage. Respondents answered questions about working for a related type of business prior to starting their business, the source of the money used to establish or acquire the business, the number of employees and the number of physical locations of the business, the legal form of the business (sole proprietorship, corporation, etc.) the sales or revenue in a typical year, and whether the business was family owned.

In addition, all NLSY79 respondents interviewed in round 24 (regardless of "own business" status) were asked several questions on family ownership of businesses, their own patent-seeking activities, and whether they consider themselves to be entrepreneurs. These questions were repeated in subsequent rounds for those who missed the round 24 interview.

To find these business ownership questions in NLS Investigator, use "BUSOWN" as the Question Name search criterion. These variables are listed as cross-round (XRND) variables. To determine whcih survey year the data were collected, use the created variable "BUSOWN_SOURCEYR."